Bord Bia

Our Role

The role of Bord Bia, the Irish Food Board, is to act as a link between Irish Food, Drink & Horticulture suppliers and existing and potential customers.

Our objective is to develop markets for Irish suppliers and to bring the taste of Irish food to more tables world-wide. We have an extensive and in-depth knowledge of the Irish industry, which we are happy to share. We can provide you with details of exports, production, quality standards, health regulations and controls, and new developments in the industry. We can also act as a bridge, putting you in touch with companies appropriate to your areas of interest.

Our History

Bord Bia/Irish Food Board was established by an act of the Irish parliament (the Dail) and came into being on the first of December 1994. It brought together the former CBF (Coras Beostoic agus Feola – the Irish Meat and Livestock Board) and the food promotion activities of the Irish Trade Board, now part of Enterprise Ireland. Responsibility for the development of the horticultural industry in Ireland, which rested with the former Bord Glas, was integrated into Bord Bia on July 1st, 2004. Horticulture is divided into two main sectors – the food sector (e.g. fruit and vegetables including mushrooms, potatoes and glasshouse crops) and the amenity sector (e.g. trees, shrubs, flowers, and bulbs).

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