Traditional Usage of Herbs

Fresh herbs have enriched human life for thousands of years. They have filled our food with flavour, cured our many ailments and surrounded us with their aromatic aromas.

The history of herbs stems back to thousands of years ago. No one knows who first used them. Many were found in the graves of Celts, Greeks and Egyptians. The knowledge and uses that we have today come from years of mans trials and errors. It is this information throughout time, which we can rely on today. To the point that modern medicine is based on plants and their medicinal uses. 

 As Charlemagne 768 AD, the Father of Europe once said; “Herbs, the friend of physicians and the praise of cooks”.

Herb is typically the leafy part of the plant. Though for chefs and herbalists throughout time, the root, flower, seed and bark are also classed as herbs.  Many herb plants were introduced to Ireland from Europe. Monasteries would grow herbs in their walled vegetable gardens, adding them to their food, using them to treat the sick and also to make herbal wines and ales. Many mediterranean herbs like Thyme, Rosemary and Oregano, were introduced to us in this way.